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  1. Laser Heat Transfer Paper
    こんにちは。 私は永遠のレーザーダーク(低温)を使用しています。 接着を行うと、ドットが発生することはほとんどありません。 印刷段階では発生しないため、接着工程または接着自体が原因と考えられます。 誰かが同じような現象を起こしましたか? 解決策ができてください。
  2. Screen Printing
    Hi All, First of all, I know that Speedball isn't the best, but it's what I have. Comments just for buying non-Speedball aren't helpful and frankly are frustrating and a little gatekeep-ish, so please do your best to be a little more considerate. Thanks. I've had this problem before where the...
  3. Rhinestone Decoration
    Hi all! I have a Decor 4 color. All of a sudden it’s dropping my lines crooked and stones flipped. The nozzle is picking up good. It seems to flip the stones on the transfer between nozzles. I’ve adjusted c/p vac and vac but not seeing great results. I’ve also cleaned the nozzle and...