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  1. Direct to Garment (DTG) Inkjet Printing
    Hello all, I’ve been working with our DTG printers for a year now. My company uses Polyprint and G4. For the most part, both types of printers have suited us well for our different needs. However, we have been running into an issue lately with our print quality. When it first comes out, it...
  2. Heat Presses - Equipment
    I have a fairly new swing away heat press. It was working fine except the swing arm was stuck. My husband took the swing away part off and fixed it. But now when I plug it in it shows E3. I was told by the seller what it could be... either the wire from the control box isnt connected to the...
  3. Embroidery
    Hi, we have a 16 head Happy embroidery machine, today it did something very strange for the first time. When running a design if needle 1-6 is needed, the needle bar will not move past needle 7/8. I have tried to manually move the needle bar selection unit and nothing is working, it wants to...
  4. Laser Heat Transfer Paper
    こんにちは。 私は永遠のレーザーダーク(低温)を使用しています。 接着を行うと、ドットが発生することはほとんどありません。 印刷段階では発生しないため、接着工程または接着自体が原因と考えられます。 誰かが同じような現象を起こしましたか? 解決策ができてください。
  5. Screen Printing
    Hi All, First of all, I know that Speedball isn't the best, but it's what I have. Comments just for buying non-Speedball aren't helpful and frankly are frustrating and a little gatekeep-ish, so please do your best to be a little more considerate. Thanks. I've had this problem before where the...
  6. Rhinestone Decoration
    Hi all! I have a Decor 4 color. All of a sudden it’s dropping my lines crooked and stones flipped. The nozzle is picking up good. It seems to flip the stones on the transfer between nozzles. I’ve adjusted c/p vac and vac but not seeing great results. I’ve also cleaned the nozzle and...
1-6 of 6 Results