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  1. Heat Press and Heat Transfers
    Brand new to sublimation and haven’t had this problem until I started using Paropy Sublicotton and inkjet transfer papers. The color is lifting when I pull the backing off. I’ve been testing on both 100% cotton and 100% rayon (they state it works for both) and both tshirts are having issues...
  2. T shirt Printing Issues
    Hi guys, I’m using 3G opaque hvt and my designs are all text. I’m finding that once I place the design on the t shirt and then place the parchment on top ready to press the parchment paper is shifting the design which is making the text wonky. Any suggestions on how to prevent this please? it’s...
  3. T shirt Printing Issues
    Hi there! Im having some issues with my Jet Pro Soft Stretch transfer (light) and the cricut easy press 2 heat press. Some decals come out ok on my t shirts but most images/ fonts leave a grainy texture on both the paper and T-shirt with most of the ink not transferring onto the garment. Has...
  4. Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper
    Hello! I need help. I use Poli Flex 4605 printable htv paper for inkjet printer. When I printed, colors are bleeding and wash out. What Can I do ? Thank you!!
  5. Graphics and Design Help
    Hello! I need help. I use Poli Flex 4605 printable htv paper for inkjet printer. When I printed, colors are bleeding and wash out. What Can I do ? Thank you!!
  6. Laser Heat Transfer Paper
    こんにちは 私は日本でTシャツのビジネスをし ています。FOREVERのレーザーダーク(カットなし)を使用しています。 ただ、値段が高い気がします。 日本で買うと、A3サイズ100枚セットで5万円。 5万円は約481ドルです。 輸入が可能であれば、ドイツのFOREVERと直接取引をしたいと思います。 Laser-Dark(カットなし)でいくら購入しますか?
  7. Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper
    Hello, So I'm new to the whole t-shirt business. I've been wanting to start my own clothing brand, building my way from t-shirts to eventually doing more like pants, shoes, etc. I've invested into a heat press and some other supplies like a cutting board, printers, and so on. I've been playing...
  8. Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper
    Hi all, I've been printing T-shirts and hoodies for a while now, and I was wondering if there was a transfer paper to print more detailed designs (on black shirts). So far, I haven't had any luck as printing black around the image looks tacky, cutting takes absolutely forever, and my cricut...
  9. Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper
    Hi guys! I am currently using Avery dark transfer paper for most of my tees. I was wondering what paper (white/dark, something else) I should use for something more like the image attached below. It is supposed to be transparent in between the skeleton bones, but of course still has some color...
  10. Laser Heat Transfer Paper
    I am looking for an option to print full color transfers for dark shirts. I have been looking at the Neenah Image Clip Laser Dark but I do not have a white toner printer. One of my printers can print clear/translucent so I am wondering if I layer it where white is needed in my image if the white...
  11. T-Shirt Articles
    NEW Innovation: Combining Vinyl, Transfer Paper & Twill And another one - I figured I might as well start pulling out the stops and posting more of my experiments - this is the result of a day I had in the demo room some time ago... Brief Description of Innovation: Heat Pressing an...
1-11 of 11 Results