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    Hi there. I don't really use curved text in my designs much, but when I do I use Canva (quick, easy, free!) The problem is that I need to curve text in a font that I have on my PC, but it's not included in Canva. Any suggestions on a tool for the job ? Thanks
  2. General T-Shirt Selling Discussion
    Hi everyone, hope you are doing well, staying safe and having a good holiday season. :) First time on here since the big change in looks, nice. Anyways I do motorcycle biker designs as those who know me here know. I am making some custom designs using bought biker template designs. Often you...
  3. T-Shirt Articles
    Corel Power Clip is pretty cool: Put your image and text on the page: Select your image and go to Effects>Power Clip>Place Inside Container: Then choose your container, text in this example: et voila! It's really just a shortcut to producing a clipping mask effect, so older versions...