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  1. TexJet
    hello everyone. maybe one of you know the solution for this problem: eco2 starts normally. goes into the boot routine. table moves back and forth a bit, lines are vented. everything quite normal. then the carriage with the print head moves once to the left and back again, and from this point on...
  2. T shirt Printing Issues
    Hi All With the help of many kind people on here I got my Texjet DTG up and running and I have been blown away by the shirts it produces, Lately I noticed that my white ink was starting nicely and fading away the lower the shirt went to be more grey. I was extra careful with pretreat but it...
  3. T shirt Printing Issues
    Hi all I have been printing shirts for about 8 months now. Lately more sub onto white shirts after dabbling with a Roland BT12 DTG which we sold on. But the issue was producing decent black or bright shirts in full colour.. so at the weekend I bought a used Texjet Plus. I'd have had better...
1-3 of 3 Results