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  1. 5 Tips To Give your T-shirt a Professional Touch

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    Do you want to take your t-shirt brand to the next level? Learn how to give them the professional look everyone loves!
  2. #TshirtTuesday: The Coachella Lineup in T-shirts

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    London UK: The Coachella lineup is always one of the most anticipated announcements in the build up to festival season and this years star studded selection has certainly not disappointed. Tickets for the two weekends sold out in just three hours with headliners including Muse, Arcade Fire and a...
  3. T-shirt Design Inspiration on #TshirtTuesday

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    Original article on the Printsome Blog In the T-shirt printing industry we work very closely with designers and many of our team actually have a background in design – and sometimes sympathise with their problems. So when it comes to consulting on T-shirts we are driven by the quality of the...
  4. 25 Creative T-shirt Packaging Design Examples

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    Either when selling a T-shirt online or on the streets of London (or any other city in the UK or the world for that matter), putting it in beautiful, eye-catching and innovative T-shirt packaging is a great way to conquer your customers through the power of sight. Forget about poly bagging, for...
  5. T-shirts for Scottish People

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    For such a small country, there’s no shortage of famous people to emerge from Edinburgh, Glasgow and all over Scotland. In our look at the UK’s best printed T-shirts last week we touched on Irn-Bru and Sir Chris Hoy, but there’s much more to printed T-shirts in Scotland than just those two...
  6. T-shirts as a Marketing Weapon

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    T-shirts communicate. They are famous for political and cultural statements almost as much as they are fashion statements: do you really love NY and why is Frankie so relaxed? We have already written about the huge promotional value of a printed T-shirt for your brand or company, but this...
  7. Football Celebration T-Shirts

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    The Champions League, one of the greatest football tournaments in the world, has been graced by magnificent goals and weird and wonderful celebrations to go with them. But today we focus on some of the specific celebrations and their memorable messages that can now be worn as printed T-shirts...
  8. Crack artists

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    Crack Artists Jump to Comments by Lorien Balayan Crack Artists are young designers, who are starting to make an impact on local fashion. Formed by two Johnson & Wales University students, Crack Artists seem to draw more inspiration from how they want to live their...