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  1. Face Games Graphic T-Shirt

    Face Games Graphic T-Shirt

    ألعاب وجه الجرافيك تي شيرت
  2. Dye Sublimation
    Please suggest some suitable sublimation printers other than Epson. Printer type - wide format, can also include bulk tank, or CIS system Budget - $100 - $24000 (Do not want a cheap one that ruins business) Products to be printed - mobile case, mugs, photo frames, t-shirts, jerseys, etc Industry...
  3. DrawBo T-shirt.jpg

    DrawBo T-shirt.jpg

    DrawBo can write or draw anything you want on your T-shirts or Jersey shirts. Just tell Drawbo what to write/draw and DrawBo will do it for you
  4. General T-Shirt Selling Discussion
    Hello, I am looking to start a small skateboarding brand and am looking for a good company to order shirts from that I can print on. My issue is I have several wants from the shirt that I'm struggling to find matches for. I understand there is probably no such thing as a perfect shirt but I...
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  6. T-Shirt Articles
    • Acrylic: A synthetic fiber known for its wicking capabilities due to its quick drying time, Acrylic adds strength and durability to fabrics. • Bamboo: Made from the pulp of bamboo grass, Bamboo fabric is light and strong. It has wicking properties, is somewhat antibacterial, and is perfect for...
  7. T-Shirt Articles
    Most of the B2B print business owners do not see their website as a marketing tool. It is important to understand that as your prospects are online, the lead generation also has to be done online. Salespeople at most of the print companies have to do everything right from generating leads and...
  8. T-Shirt Articles
    T-shirts are durable, classic, and versatile garments with mass appeal as a staple closet item. The life of a T-Shirt begins in cotton fields most commonly found in the US or India. They’re typically made of 100% cotton but can be found in polyester or a polyester-cotton blend. Fabric uses vary...
  9. T-Shirt Articles
    For printing businesses which supply garments for the fashion industry, it is very important to upgrade themselves not only in the area of fashion trends, but also in technology. When you are in the business of printing garments, having an online t-shirt design tool is must. This is because...
  10. Moderated Threads and Posts
    So, Birmingham, or England’s second city as it is often referred to, is not quite the cultural melting pot of the likes of Manchester and London. But nethertheless, there are plenty of weird and wonderful people from the city and its surrounding areas that have become of cultural importance in...
  11. T-Shirt Articles
    With the range of tools available for digital graphics, almost anything goes when creating a design. T-shirt printing, on the other hand, has technical limitations that need to be considered before bringing the creations to light. Getting quotes and deciding which style to go with should be...