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  1. How To Easily Screen Print Yourself

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    Hey guys, I found this very useful video for those of you who want to learn screen printing yourselves. Hope it helps! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwfbFZ98uMs
  2. Design Your Own T-shirt With Uniqlo's New App

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    You can see the Uniqlo video on the original post London UK: Smartphone apps that allow you to design your own t-shirt have been knocking around for a while without making much of an impact. Most of them are clumsy and have failed to catch the imagination of the sizeable audience of t-shirt...
  3. 5 T-shirt Design Tips for Summer 2014

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    London UK: The short sleeve season is upon us once again and we are here to give you some t-shirt design tips for our favourite time of year. We print t-shirts all year round but summer is obviously a boom time for t-shirt printing with summer events and festivals needing merchandise or groups...
  4. T-shirt Printing Inspiration - The Year of the Wooden Horse

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    Since the Chinese New Year is upon us (and I am a t-shirt printing astrology freak) I thought that the oriental horoscope would be a good theme for this week’s #TshirtTuesday. Nowadays for public and business affairs China uses a solar calendar (the one we know), but for civil matters, like...
  5. The T-shirt Printing Easy Guide [Infographic]

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    Which T-shirt printing technique works best can be uncharted waters for events planners, marketing agencies or small businesses looking to arrange some garments for their latest venture. The biggest problem is differentiating between the T-shirt printing techniques available. Hands up if you...
  6. DTG Printing - Explained

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    So today I’m here to talk to you about the history of direct to garment printing, most commonly known as DTG printing. However, before we delve into the baby brother of printing techniques, we need to understand what it is. DTG is a printing technique that, as its name indicates, prints special...
  7. T-shirt design: Killer combinations that work

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    With the range of tools available for digital graphics, almost anything goes when creating a design. T-shirt printing, on the other hand, has technical limitations that need to be considered before bringing the creations to light. Getting quotes and deciding which style to go with should be...