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  1. Print Lighthouse for T-shirt design

    Print (illustration) and pattern (seamless texture) for the decoration of T-shirts and various other products. The range of application of patterns is very wide - fabrics, T-shirts with a solid print, shoes, various home textiles, accessories, etc. read more Lighthouse, illustration for T-Shirt...
  2. Ancient Skull with the Third Eye

    Men's Short Sleeve Tee - Ancient Skull with the Third Eye - Custom Art by K.S. from BlackCat - WhiteDog Designs Brought to you by Twylight Crow

    Conbello Textile is a fully integrated sportswear manufacturing company that has all the certificates including ISO 9001, manufactures in Turkey and can produce solutions in the R&D Department in line with the special technical needs of its customers.
  4. Face Games Graphic T-Shirt

    ألعاب وجه الجرافيك تي شيرت
  5. DrawBo T-shirt.jpg

    DrawBo can write or draw anything you want on your T-shirts or Jersey shirts. Just tell Drawbo what to write/draw and DrawBo will do it for you
  6. Blog
    We made a new tutorial for Procreate. In this Procreate T-Shirt Design Tutorial, we show how you can use the symmetry tool to design T Shirts faster. Since Halloween is around the corner, we creating a Dia de Los Muertos T-Shirt design. Procreate Symmetry Tutorial
  7. T-Shirt Articles
    What makes good t shirt design? Obviously, not every t shirt design appeals to everyone. Sometimes it’s just a matter of personal preference or style. But the next time you’re walking around the mall or through a busy neighborhood, notice just how many people are wearing t-shirts. It’s a huge...
  8. T-Shirt Articles
    For printing businesses which supply garments for the fashion industry, it is very important to upgrade themselves not only in the area of fashion trends, but also in technology. When you are in the business of printing garments, having an online t-shirt design tool is must. This is because...
  9. T-Shirt Articles
    Hey Guys! A while ago we created this article featuring some of the best t-shirt mockups we could find on the internet. We included more than 100 different templates and even created some free ones for download. Since then, we've received numerous emails from people who design mockups asking...
  10. T-Shirt Articles
    You can see the Uniqlo video on the original post London UK: Smartphone apps that allow you to design your own t-shirt have been knocking around for a while without making much of an impact. Most of them are clumsy and have failed to catch the imagination of the sizeable audience of t-shirt...
  11. T-Shirt Articles
    London UK: The short sleeve season is upon us once again and we are here to give you some t-shirt design tips for our favourite time of year. We print t-shirts all year round but summer is obviously a boom time for t-shirt printing with summer events and festivals needing merchandise or groups...
  12. T-Shirt Articles
    Since the Chinese New Year is upon us (and I am a t-shirt printing astrology freak) I thought that the oriental horoscope would be a good theme for this week’s #TshirtTuesday. Nowadays for public and business affairs China uses a solar calendar (the one we know), but for civil matters, like...
  13. T-Shirt Articles
    Original article on the Printsome Blog In the T-shirt printing industry we work very closely with designers and many of our team actually have a background in design – and sometimes sympathise with their problems. So when it comes to consulting on T-shirts we are driven by the quality of the...
  14. T-Shirt Articles
    Which T-shirt printing technique works best can be uncharted waters for events planners, marketing agencies or small businesses looking to arrange some garments for their latest venture. The biggest problem is differentiating between the T-shirt printing techniques available. Hands up if you...
  15. Preferred Vendor Introductions
    We at tshirt-factory.com have a big Black Friday sale that everyone can enjoy, and is available until Monday! Discount for all vectors and t-shirt designs!!
  16. T-ShirtForums Newsletter Articles
    How To Design a Vintage Fashion T-Shirt Tutorial in Adobe PhotoShop This tutorial will show you how to design a cool t-shirt with free vintage art in Adobe PhotoShop. You will also learn how to make an action in PhotoShop in this tutorial.
1-16 of 19 Results