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  1. Heat Presses - Equipment
    Hello everyone, new to both the forums and Heat Pressing. Please be kind. I bought a refurbished Heatpress Nation Auto open 15x15 Heatpress with Sure Pressure. I received Supacolor Heat Transfer samples this morning and I started to test out my heat and time settings. So far, I've gotten a...
  2. Screen Printing
    Hi There! I have searched high and low. Can anyone tell me where to find a manufacturer for clear film screenprint transfers? I am looking for the hot peel kind. I have samples from supacolor but I am looking for a different company. Please Help! Thanks so much!
  3. Exclusive Discounts & Offers from Vendors
    Any thoughts on who is superior and why? Who makes the best DTF?
  4. General T-Shirt Buying Discussion
    Hello all, I am new here because I didn't know a place like this exists until recently. I am not looking for business advice, a perfect answer, or anything of the like. There are no perfect solutions and easy answers that bypass hard work and effort, I definitely know. I just want to know what...
1-5 of 5 Results