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  1. Dye Sublimation
    Apparently these have been around for a while. But I just became aware of it this morning. What is it? So, since it seems like that most often repeated flaw of dye sub is that you must print almost as frequently as DTG or risk clogging why would anybody use anything else? Of course I haven't...
  2. Dye Sublimation
    I have ErgoSoft licence softwear (whit usb dongle) for sale. It was used on the Epson F6200 printer for the produciton purposes.
  3. Member Introductions
    HI! My name is Angela and I have been printing for approximately 6 years. I do sublimation, print and cut vinyl, solid color vinyl and am afbout to dabble in DTG! Excited to bounce ideas back and forth!
  4. Heat Press and Heat Transfers
    Hello everyone! I am new to sublimation so this may be a very simple question but... I am trying to find the sweet spot for time and temp on my machine. My practice mugs look nice and clean but the image scratches right off? Thoughts or ideas are appreciated!
  5. Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper
    Hi Everyone, I'm new to sublimation and haven't yet managed to get a print I'm happy with. I'm trying to print some of my designs on cotton but just can't get my designs to fix after washing. I'm using Forever subli light no cut on cotton. I'm using an Epson ecotank with sublinova sublimation...
  6. Heat Press and Heat Transfers
    I can’t figure out what Ian doing wrong. I have the Epson et2750 and have sublimation ink in it.it doesn’t matter what I print it will not transfer I am using sublimation pop sockets, keychains, and polyester shirts pressing at 400 for 45-60 seconds. Can anyone help me
  7. Dye Sublimation
    Hi guys, now days I see a lot of options on sublimation inks promising no clogging, no drying, fade resistant,etc... What would you consider the 3 UPDATED inks to consider ?? (Better if they don't need a profile) and if they offer a ciss even better, thank you in advance 🙂 Btw: I have a wf7520
  8. Member Introductions
    Hello All, My name is Khadija and I own a shop on Etsy. We make personalized items like water bottles, pouches, drawstring bags. I am using vinyl all the way and loving it. All this is done from my apartment in US. Four years in business, I want to expand into sublimation. Did a quite bit of...
  9. Dye Sublimation
    Hello, I'm new the this sublimation world and I followed few advise but everything I try the result is yellow, just yellow! I'm using Epson SC P600 with SubliNova Ink and Ink Experts HR dye sublimation papr on a 100% polyester T. I've tried to press for 1 min at 200C, 5min at 180C, 30sec at...
  10. Dye Sublimation
    I’m looking for a made in USA sublimation manufacturer/supplier. Specifically going to be selling iPhone cases. Thanks
  11. Dye Sublimation
    Good evening to all, my issue is that I can't afford a brand new printer for sublimation at this moment but I came across this WF 7510 that uses regular ink and is in good shape. I been reading and watching videos of people purging this printers and converting them to dye sub. I want to know...
  12. T shirt Printing Issues
    Hi! I just got an Epson Ecotank and I filled it with sublimation ink. However, when I tried to print, the ink is too faint. I’ve tried checking the nozzles, cleaning the printer head, everything and there is no change. What can I do to fix it? Thanks!
  13. General T-Shirt Buying Discussion
    Hey everyone, I found this forum while searching endlessly online for a printer/supplier who can sublimate custom all over print designs I've created. Looking to lock in with a printer for the long term, and going with a smaller business would be awesome. Just from my search, I feel that this...
  14. Dye Sublimation
    Guys, I'm new to sublimation and I'm trying to start a small business by selling custom phone cases. However, I can't seem to get the printed image to transfer on my blank phone case. I've done a fair bit of research and tried different ways but still won't work and I don't know where I went...
  15. Dye Sublimation
    Hi, I'm pretty new to sublimation (and the forum) and have a few questions on what's possible with sublimation or the best possible way to go about doing something with sublimation. I want to know if sublimating on the sides of the sleeves like hoodies & T-shirts is at all possible and if so...
  16. Printers and Inks for Inkjet and Laser Transfers
    Good morning and happy holidays to everyone. Brand new to this forum. Just bought some stuff for Christmas and looking to make some fun shirts and designs and had a few questions. I just bought this Epson printer and I was going to turn it into a sublimation printer. So here are a few questions...
  17. Dye Sublimation
    I have acquired an Epson Stylus Pro 3800 inkjet, wide-format printer. I'd like to start creating sublimated shirts. Is it possible to convert this printer? Is it worth it? I've printed a few things with it, and have even used some heat transfers that look great but I want to UPGRADE to...
  18. Printers and Inks for Inkjet and Laser Transfers
    Hello guys I am new to the forum and ran a few searches before posting, ultimately would like to know which printer you would choose for a small-medium t shirt/Brand business starting? I understand the 7710/20 are now discontinued thus my question. Should I go for the newer 7840 over the older...
  19. Wholesale T-Shirts & Other Imprintable Products
    We are a screen printer and have a customer that is looking for a fully sublimated long sleeve performance shirt with ocean waves and then we will print their design on that. Any wholesale suppliers that offer or print something like this? Thanks.
  20. Dye Sublimation
    Siser recommends Sawgrass and the EasySubli sublimation ink for use on their EasySubli HTV, but I'd rather use a converted Epson and save the money on printer and ink. Siser and Sawgrass appear to have business entanglements, and of course have an incentive to recommend their most jointly...