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  1. Dye Sublimation
    Hi, I am having an issue sublimating a bit of art work onto a t-shirt the most of the colours are perfect but a few are off and I am not sure how to proceed. I am pretty sure the issue stems from the images current colour setting but my usual trick of changing the work space to a CKMY format in...
  2. Dye Sublimation
    Hi, Has anyone else experienced the following issue when sublimating t-shirts – I get great colours on almost all my prints however, when doing dark images almost always the darkest part over powers areas next to it causing some detail is lost? I can see the detail on the sublimation paper...
  3. Dye Sublimation
    Hello all, I am new to sublimation and have just been tying a few things and I have come across an issue and need some guidance. I stated testing sublimating photos onto polyester t-shirt and the colours have been rather hit and miss. Sometimes its prefect while other times some of the colours...
1-3 of 3 Results