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  1. Graphics and Design Help
    I would like to use Photoshop or illustrator to separate the attached image into Black and yellow print. This is going to be printed on White material. I do not want to recreate the art from scratch since the actual artwork is more complicated.( I could not post the actual art due to...
  2. Need Help Finding a T-Shirt DESIGN
    Hello World Printers Where can i find screen printing cool designs. Need 3 or 4 colors or 5 colors cool design. Buy or something. Or maybe do you know screen screen printing designing online course ?. I really need learn spot color saperation. thanks Eddy
  3. Member Introductions
    Hello, my name is Alex. I am from Ambarawa in Central Java, Indonesia. I am a very passionate graphic designer with skills in creating designs and artwork in a t-shirt and merch. I have been creating t-shirt designs since 2010 and work as a professional screen printing (silkscreen) since 2012...
  4. T-Shirt Articles
    Here's part one where I touch on little things like workflow, a few shortcut keys and how to select the colors. There are also a few other tips in there for evaluating the file before you start, acceptable dpi, legal lines and vectored layers. Here's part two where we make the base and choke...
1-4 of 4 Results