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  1. Heat Presses - Equipment
    is this too good to be true for ebay,or do websites always have killer deals like this. the seller had pics and they looked nice. lets say its broken or faulty, Geo knight would help me as i see These machines boasts a lifetime warranty on the heat platen, and im willing to pay whatever for...
  2. General T-Shirt Selling Discussion
    Reading lots of posts on FB groups people saying that advertising on the platform is just not working anymore. Interested to hear from anyone who is having success with FB advertising, and whether that is through targeting interests, or how else? Appreciate any feedback you may have.
  3. Member Introductions
    Welcome Ribbed! Ribbed is the world's first streetwear influencer marketing platform bridging the gap between the two. Our mission is to bring your product to the forefront to be discovered by influential fashion enthusiasts seeking pieces for content creation and to share with their audience...
  4. Epson SureColor DTG Printers
    Hello, I am selling an Epson f2000 in perfect conditions in Switzerland (without warranty). Everything works perfectly well (maintenance is done daily). We just do not print enough t-shirts to be profitable so we have to get rit of it. The printer can be shipped everywhere in Europe if needed...
  5. General T-Shirt Selling Discussion
    I have a small business and I am selling hoodies. We want to market our hoodies so we can sell more. How can we do that most effectively? Google ads? something? here's the website: shopgoldentears.com
1-5 of 5 Results