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  1. Screen Printing
    Okay need some information! So everyone knows how big TikTok has become and how a lot of creators are using the platform to sell their designs. I am not new to the crafting world and have done a lot of research on different ways to get a design on a shirt. I only do HTV vinyl and have looked...
  2. Screen Printing
    I’m pretty new to screenprinting and am having an issue with my tshirts. I’m using speedball water based ink and a 110 speedball screen with a rectangular cutoff squeegee. After I print, I’m using a heat press set at 350 degrees and have been experimenting with pressing anywhere from 30 sec to...
  3. Screen Printing Equipment
    I only need to use my printer every month or so and the ink dries up. My $1k printer locked up and shorted out due to this and im pretty salty tbh. I need a printer that works well and it doesnt hurt so bad just tossing the damn thing when this happens... AND IT HAPPENS TOO DAMN OFTEN!
  4. Screen Printing Equipment
    Hello everybody, I am hoping to start screen printing some shirts and tote bags. I am new to this forum and was looking to find a beginner inventory of things that one needs to start the process, and just to make sure that I have everything covered. I have screen printed in the past but I only...
  5. Screen Printing
    Hello, I recently did a run with a puff additive in my plastisol ink. I used stretch additive as well. Both from Total Ink Solutions.. Soo. The issue I was having is that the ink would look shiny once I cured it. Only in some spots. I am curing with a flash dryer and do not have a conveyor...
  6. Screen Printing
    Hey, so I'm having issues with my Antec when doing multi-color jobs. Whenever I register multi-color designs, I will do so on one-pallet. After I register the design on one pallet, I will go to print the design on the next pallet & the design is mis-aligned (printing like 1/2 an inch to the...
  7. Screen Printing
    just curious of any issues i may come accross when printing plastisol inks onto Nike Dri Fit Legend t's. any shrinkage or scorching issues when flashing? possible curing temp and belt speed? any tips will help. i've heard they're a bitch to print but not specifically why. thank you!
  8. Screen Printing Equipment
    Hi all, This is the first thread I have ever written and I very much appreciate anybody willing to help me out here. I bought an exposure unit on Craigslist. It is an AWT- It is old- manufactured in 2006. I attached a picture of the unit and the lightbulbs in it. Prior to this, I was just...
  9. TF Classifieds
    Entire screen-printing business for sale. Everything you need to get started. From all the equipment in the screen-printing process, to ink to blank shirts, etc etc.. I’m selling everything in one shot. I ran this business successfully for 5+ years, but I’m moving to another city and cannot...
  10. Printers and Inks for Inkjet and Laser Transfers
    So I have an Epson 1430 with an all black ink system and I’ve noticed my images appear to have a sort of halftone going around the edges instead of being crips. I use accurip and illustrator. Does anyone what can cause it?
1-10 of 10 Results