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    Screen printing: The place is ancient China – the land that had paper money, printed books and toilet paper, among other things, before anybody else (seriously, look it up; they invented pretty much everything). It is also supposed to be the birth place of the screen printing technique. Of...
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    Plastisol Curing Facts You Should Know Achieving a full cure using plastisol ink should, on the surface, be a simple proposition. Turn on your dryer to the proper temperature, lay the shirt on the belt, and send it on its way. But there are rules, and there are complications we must deal with...
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    T-shirt printing has come a long way from simple silk screening. Aside from screen printing, other methods include direct-to-garment printing and thermal transfer. Each of these methods has a different effect and can produce either vibrant or dull colors. The intricacy of design is also...
41-43 of 44 Results