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  1. General T-Shirt Selling Discussion
    Hey guys, We've built up a lot of scrap t-shirts from miss prints and tests etc. How are you guys disposing of your throw-aways?
  2. Atlas Screen Supply
    This is the ultimate screen printing business course. Terry Combs has 30 years of experience in the screen printing trenches, printing hundreds of thousands of shirts, training thousands of students, this is the one and only class to offer you the definitive “start a screen printing business”...
  3. Screen Printing
    I've searched allover the internet to find an answer but I can't seem to find one. I received a new press so I made a screen 160 mesh and exposed it. And on my second pass on the first print it printed "particles " through the emulsion into the background where it should be plain . I assumed...
  4. Screen Printing
    My logo is White and black when printing on a BLACK T SHIRT, do i need to use black ink or can i save money and just use the White ink and allow the black shirt to take the black inks place. and vice versa with shirts, do i need white ink or can i just use the backing of the white t shirt...
  5. Screen Printing
    Hello, I recently did a run with a puff additive in my plastisol ink. I used stretch additive as well. Both from Total Ink Solutions.. Soo. The issue I was having is that the ink would look shiny once I cured it. Only in some spots. I am curing with a flash dryer and do not have a conveyor...
  6. Screen Printing Equipment
    my mom and i are looking to screen print on t shirts . just one color simple. what is a good machine and place to buy?
  7. General T-Shirt Selling Discussion
    Hi Guys I have been using HTV for the last 5 years and out source my printable vinyl. As want to add to my print collection but what's best for all round efficiency. I print half cotton, half polyester Should I buy screen printer print and cut machine DTG DTF White toner Or what is my...
  8. Referrals and Recommendations
    Hi guys. Quiet some time ago, I used to work with Gulfside heat transfer in Florida. That company was a dream to work with. Large format, amazing prints, fast turn around, and great communication. Then they closed their business. Since that time I have been working with another company that...
  9. Plastisol Ink Screen Printing
    Let me know you have any left of this discontinued ink! In the middle of a job and ran out of ink. Thanks.
  10. T shirt Printing Issues
    Hi Fellow Printers, It would be interesting to learn everyone's pain-points and maybe for the rest of the community to recommend some tips and tricks to make things a little easier. Shoot away...
  11. Screen Printing
    Hi all, I'm looking to do some vintage style tees with that faded and distressed look. I have done my research and I understand that this look is achieved by adding the distress digitally on photoshop or illustrator. I'm looking to do a CMYK print using plastisol ink to screen print my shirts...
  12. TF Classifieds
    After 17 years of a great experience we are looking to sell our shop and retire. There is so much to list that I am sure I will forget a lot of things but here we go. Antec Legend Manual Press - 6 color 6 station. We have a ton platters to go with this. They are all rubber top aluminum...
  13. Screen Printing Equipment
    Can anyone help me identify what brand/model press this is? Looking to buy although the seller is unsure of brand. I'm thinking I may need to refurbish some parts but need to know the brand first. Thanks in advance.
  14. T shirt Printing Issues
    Hi all, so I'm in need of some guidance, so like the title says, I'm having exposure times issues, as of right now I'm using ryonet WBP red. I've used the ecotex Tex red right before this due to needing emulsion ASAP, but Ryonet Red is what im used too. Recently I've changed my exposure setup...
  15. T shirt Printing Issues
    Hey.i have a problem with my screen when i print the screen it has some dots with no ink i tried 4 time to print but stil has dots Anybody can help to slove this?
  16. Plastisol Ink Screen Printing
    New to screen printing and want to know which white plastisol ink to use for certain garments. Which plastisol ink should I use for 50/50 pullover hoodies??? And what’s good to use for t shirts ???
  17. Screen Printing
    Hi everybody I’m currently using UNION INK DIAMOND WHITE plastisol ink for my 50/50 hoodies. But I want to know what plastisol ink company and white do y’all recommend to use for dark garment 50/50 hoodies. Thanks
  18. Screen Printing Equipment
    Looking to buy an AccuRip download or an alternative that is compatible with an Epson 1430. New to screen printing so any information helps.
  19. Business and Finance
    Attracting more customers for your screen printing and direct-to-garment (DTG) printing business might just be one of the most important things for you. Expanding your customer base and getting new customers is how you grow your business, and who wouldn't want that? By attracting new customers...
  20. Forum Information
    Hey everybody so I’ve been printing my positive films/ transparency sheets on a canon pro 100 with NO accurip. The films/sheets are coming out fine but some letters or lines look jagged. BUT when I burn the screen and print, the jagged lines doesn’t show on my shirts/hoodies and looks smooth...
1-20 of 43 Results