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  1. Anyone used a TITAN press from Art 2 silkscreen?

    Screen Printing Equipment
    Hello lovely people - Johnny here in the UK. I'm about to start screen printing again after many years away. I current use HTV and heat press (DON'T HATE ME!!!!) but you'll be pleased to know am making the move over. I need to start small (literally as I don't have the space for a floor...
  2. Hello! I’m having trouble with water base colors

    Screen Printing
    Hello! First my Green Galaxy colors are WAY too thin. It’s 4:30pm right now and I left them outside to evaporate since 10am but I don’t see much difference :( and it’s just too horrible having to deal with milk like ink 2. I screen printer with yellow. Used white green galaxy for the...
  3. Screen Printing on a black shirt using water based ink and I need help.

    T shirt Printing Issues
    Hello, I'm new to the forum, and I started screen printing on shirts a few weeks ago. I noticed I messed up a bunch of shirts already due to either a ink or curing problem. I'm using a gallon of speedball water based white fabric ink, and is using a heat gun. I do not have the money at the...
  4. Customer found out wholesale blank price..how do i explain markups?

    General T-Shirt Selling Discussion
    Hi a long time customer had asked me prices on 4 brands of hoodies... I gave him various prices of the blank hoodies(marked up of course) and for whatever reason later that day he made an account and "corrected me" on the prices i gave him 🙃 He knew i used ssactivewear because for previous...
  5. 6 Rules For What Makes Good T Shirt Design

    T-Shirt Articles
    What makes good t shirt design? Obviously, not every t shirt design appeals to everyone. Sometimes it’s just a matter of personal preference or style. But the next time you’re walking around the mall or through a busy neighborhood, notice just how many people are wearing t-shirts. It’s a huge...
  6. How To Easily Screen Print Yourself

    T-Shirt Articles
    Hey guys, I found this very useful video for those of you who want to learn screen printing yourselves. Hope it helps! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwfbFZ98uMs
  7. 5 T-shirt Design Tips for Summer 2014

    T-Shirt Articles
    London UK: The short sleeve season is upon us once again and we are here to give you some t-shirt design tips for our favourite time of year. We print t-shirts all year round but summer is obviously a boom time for t-shirt printing with summer events and festivals needing merchandise or groups...
  8. The History of Screen Printing

    T-Shirt Articles
    Screen printing: The place is ancient China – the land that had paper money, printed books and toilet paper, among other things, before anybody else (seriously, look it up; they invented pretty much everything). It is also supposed to be the birth place of the screen printing technique. Of...
  9. How not to order t-shirts

    TF Lounge
  10. [T-SHIRTFORUMS NEWSLETTER ARTICLE] Plastisol Curing Facts You Should Know

    T-ShirtForums Newsletter Articles
    Plastisol Curing Facts You Should Know Achieving a full cure using plastisol ink should, on the surface, be a simple proposition. Turn on your dryer to the proper temperature, lay the shirt on the belt, and send it on its way. But there are rules, and there are complications we must deal with...
  11. Three Popular T-Shirt Printing Methods

    T-Shirt Articles
    T-shirt printing has come a long way from simple silk screening. Aside from screen printing, other methods include direct-to-garment printing and thermal transfer. Each of these methods has a different effect and can produce either vibrant or dull colors. The intricacy of design is also...