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  1. Screen Printing
    Hey, I don't know if anyone can help with this, we're having issues with out Gauntlet Revolver and I was hoping someone may have been through something similar and may know the solution? Full details below and any help is much appreciated!! Machine: M&R Gauntlet Series II Serial Number...
  2. TF Classifieds
    Hi, I want to buy automatic screen printing press and a use 4 heads embroidery machine but I'm having but I can not find anything around Los Angeles CA. I have check Facebook Market Place, Craigslist and Offer up but so far no luck. Where is everyone buying screen printing and embroidery...
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  3. Plastisol Transfers
    I'm new so please forgive if this is in the wrong place or not allowed. Has anyone looked at Popzy Bows/ Do It Yourself Transfers? They are on clear film, full color, and can be pressed on any material. I'd love to know what kind of printer they are using. Any insight? TIA!
  4. Screen Printing Equipment
    Hello screenprinters!! Does anybody here have a user's assembly guide for the ACOSGRAF Texprint Manual Press? Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  5. Screen Printing Equipment
    my mom and i are looking to screen print on t shirts . just one color simple. what is a good machine and place to buy?
  6. Screen Printing
    First time posting here, but been a member for years - ok, free member, but considering finally becoming an actual member :) I've got an old M&R 6/8 Gauntlet -S that is a workhorse for us, but it has taken a beating over the years. I'm always looking for parts and pieces for this thing. M&R...
  7. Screen Printing
    Hey everyone, Thank you for stopping by. My fiancé and I just opened a screen printing shop in Florida. We have essentially the whole screen printing process down, however we are running into issues with our ability to make stencils that are good quality. My opinion is our exposure unit, and I...
  8. Screen Printing Equipment
    Hi, I've got a Hopkins tunnel dryer which I'm using to cure my prints. It has a fairly short tunnel and pretty basic controls. Best I can do to cure waterbased inks is slow the belt down as slow as possible, with the heating element as high as possible, and the belt as low as possible. This...
1-8 of 8 Results