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  1. Heat Press and Heat Transfers
    i am but a year old in this world but i think i found a cheat code/glitch in the t shirt matrix. since using 2 color HTV is expensive(3.75 a foot x 2) and 2 color screen printing is expensive (YIKES) Couldnt I just layer the htv on top of the screen print . IM JUST STARTING OUT SO I DONT...
  2. Heat Press and Heat Transfers
    Hello! A few questions about the process.. when coating the film, is it just a regular plastisol white ink? Or is there something else? Plus, can I just let it air dry after powdering? For how long if so? About the screen, what Mesh is the best?
  3. Heat Press and Heat Transfers
    Does anyone happen to know where you can get custom clear film plastisol transfers created? These are hot peel transfers that are pressed at 300 degrees for around 10 seconds.
1-3 of 3 Results