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  1. Dye Sublimation
    Hey everyone, I have a Sawgrass sg400 with a drive belt issue. It is about 5 years old, so with this going one, time to replace or pull an unused Epson 1400 off the shelf buy sub ink, and fire it up. But, I don't have an ICC profile for it, plus the pigment bulk ink could produce more clogs...
  2. Dye Sublimation
    Hi all, I contacted my supplier in regards to finding out more about the Sawgrass Dye Sublimation printer. I am trying to figure out which will be better in the long run and most cost-effective. But I do know that I cannot always have my cake and eat it too. I am looking into the SG1000 but this...
  3. Printers and Inks for Inkjet and Laser Transfers
    I'm looking at trying some sublimation and was looking at printers. I see the sawgrass and Epson eco tank are talked about regularly. Sam's clubs has the Epson 2760 eco tank for $250. Is this a decent printer to start with or should I look at another option?
  4. Dye Sublimation
    Siser recommends Sawgrass and the EasySubli sublimation ink for use on their EasySubli HTV, but I'd rather use a converted Epson and save the money on printer and ink. Siser and Sawgrass appear to have business entanglements, and of course have an incentive to recommend their most jointly...
1-4 of 4 Results