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  1. Dye Sublimation
    We're experiencing a pretty specific problem, so I apologize for the long message as there's a lot of detail. It has to do with different brands of sublimation ink reacting with lycra and mystique fabrics. The business I work for manufactures lycra/mystique athletic performance garments...
  2. Rhinestone Decoration
    I am having trouble with creating my own templates for Rhinestones. I have tried all the software. I would like a good walk through on how to get started. I have bought some templates and fonts but want to get into the swing of making my own and maybe start selling them
  3. TF Classifieds
    Cams 1V 2P for sale. $2500 not using it as much maybe someone else can
  4. college of rhinestone orders

    some previous orders
  5. Rhinestone Decoration
    Hi all! I have a Decor 4 color. All of a sudden it’s dropping my lines crooked and stones flipped. The nozzle is picking up good. It seems to flip the stones on the transfer between nozzles. I’ve adjusted c/p vac and vac but not seeing great results. I’ve also cleaned the nozzle and...
  6. darts team

    rhinestone custom transfers for darts team
  7. Indian

    custom rhinestone hot-fix transfer
  8. Dior with rose

    custom rhinestone hot-fix transfer
  9. pink ready to press transfer

    rhinestone hot-fix transfer
  10. prince outline and logo

    custom rhinestone hot-fix transfer made for a face mask
  11. custom logo bat.png

    a custom stick-on rhinestone transfer made for a raincoat.
1-12 of 12 Results