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  1. Rhinestone transfers

    Rhinestone transfers

    more recent orders
  2. college of rhinestone orders

    college of rhinestone orders

    some previous orders
  3. Rhinestone Decoration
    Hi all! I have a Decor 4 color. All of a sudden it’s dropping my lines crooked and stones flipped. The nozzle is picking up good. It seems to flip the stones on the transfer between nozzles. I’ve adjusted c/p vac and vac but not seeing great results. I’ve also cleaned the nozzle and...
  4. darts team

    darts team

    rhinestone custom transfers for darts team
  5. custom logo bat.png

    custom logo bat.png

    a custom stick-on rhinestone transfer made for a raincoat.
  6. prince outline and logo

    prince outline and logo

    custom rhinestone hot-fix transfer made for a face mask
  7. pink ready to press transfer

    pink ready to press transfer

    rhinestone hot-fix transfer
  8. Dior with rose

    Dior with rose

    custom rhinestone hot-fix transfer
  9. Indian


    custom rhinestone hot-fix transfer