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  1. Direct To Film (DTF) Printing
    Hello everyone! I work for a company that sells all kinds of sports related stuff and we also make custom printed shirts, trinkets, custom made jerseys, well basically everything. Currently we are using vinyl, sublimation and inkjet printing for garments (mostly jerseys, any kind of t-shirt...
  2. Screen Printing
    Hi guys I am curious about if anyone knows the printing technique used or basically how the Dior Oblique shirt is made? How is it called and does anyone know what kind of machine was used for it? Thank you in advance! Momo
  3. Screen Printing
    Hello! I don't know if this is the right forum, but I eventually want to print my own shirts and need advice. I'm working on starting a brand of t-shirts, and I started off with creating a black design on light blue long sleeve shirt. Since this is my first design, I had a local company screen...
  4. Screen Printing Pricing
    The prices of energy and raw materials have gone mad only in the European Union or on other continents as well? 😂
  5. For Sale Fulei Roll press

    TF Classifieds
    This is a industrial grade Sublimation roll press for high volume big format printing. Printer runs great and is easy to set up. Local pick up only. Please feel free to ask any questions regarding the machine
    $6,500 USD
  6. For Sale ECOTex Gas dryer

    TF Classifieds
    Looking to sell a used Ecotex gas dryer. This is primarily used for drying DTG Garments after printing. Can be used for multiple other printing techniques. Local pick up only.
    $5,500 USD
  7. T shirt Printing Issues
    Having an issue printing my positives for exposing. The black ink just doesn’t seem black enough. I’m using a canon prograf 300. Any tips?
  8. Screen Printing Equipment
    Can anyone help me identify what brand/model press this is? Looking to buy although the seller is unsure of brand. I'm thinking I may need to refurbish some parts but need to know the brand first. Thanks in advance.
  9. Dye Sublimation
    Not sure if this is the right section but we are experiencing problems with the color grey. The CMYK code is correct, printers heads are cleaned all the time. The problem I believe occurs during the heat pressing of material. Say for example we are heat pressing grey softball pants. On the same...
  10. T-Shirt Articles
    Earlier this year the Moma announced it would open a new exhibit featuring some of the most iconic fashion items from the last century. These will include: Levi’s jeans, the little black dress and a white t-shirt. We all know how iconic white t-shirts are, but let's be honest, we use it for way...
  11. T-Shirt Articles
    Do you want to take your t-shirt brand to the next level? Learn how to give them the professional look everyone loves!
  12. T-Shirt Articles
    As I casually browsed through my friend Paula’s latest article about designer t-shirts: T-Shirt Design: Achieving a fashion look by using the right printing technique, my heart nearly came to a halt as a I noticed the Dolce & Gabbana t-shirt price tag, a whooping €395. As someone who knows about...
  13. T-Shirt Articles
    Fashion changes every season, new collections come and go every 3 months and, as consumers, we buy into this system. T-shirt design, on the other hand, has a different rhythm. Though t-shirts are an important part of our everyday outfit, trends in t-shirt design often get less attention than...
  14. T-Shirt Articles
    A new year has just started and at Printsome we couldn’t be more excited about it. Whether you are in the UK or somewhere more exotic, we want to give T-shirt printing enthusiasts and design lovers some fresh and beautiful inspiration each week. With today being the very first #TshirtTuesday...
  15. T-Shirt Articles
    With the range of tools available for digital graphics, almost anything goes when creating a design. T-shirt printing, on the other hand, has technical limitations that need to be considered before bringing the creations to light. Getting quotes and deciding which style to go with should be...
1-15 of 15 Results