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  1. Direct To Film (DTF) Printing
    Hello. So I went on vacation and came back to a clogged print head. Was making a bunch of missing lines and colors. So I removed print head and cleaned good with solution and put it back in. Primed the ink lines with new ink and did a ink charge. I tried to print and nothing. No ink at all...
  2. Direct To Film (DTF) Printing
    Need some help with regards to l1800 dtf printer. After 2 prints my whites starts fading and printing in lines and not solid. I run 2 head clean and then it starts printing normally and I have to repeat the cycle. Any advice how to fix the issue as this was never the case.
  3. DTG Brand
    Hello I’m needing a couple of DX5 print heads for my DTG M2. I can’t afford to buy them brand new as there very high dollar. I was hoping that possibly someone in here would have a few laying around that they have either swapped out of there machine due to maybe a bit of clogging or something. I...
  4. DTG Brand
    Hello anyone can help with getting a dtg m2 printhead part number is f18700030 epson water based or 4880 prinhtead
  5. Ricoh DTG
    I just received and AnaJet Sprint SP-200 from a buddy of mine. It's been sitting in storage the past 5 years and needs some maintenance. Right out of the gate it needs a printhead. Is any Epson DX5 printhead compatible? Can I steal a printhead from another printer model to use in this? I'm also...
  6. Printers and Inks for Inkjet and Laser Transfers
    Hello all. I'm trying to find out if I can buy a replacement printhead for my Epson wf 7720. I accidentally broke one of the ink probes Everything I read comes back to different models like the wf 7610. Do they have the same printhead? Thanks in advance
1-6 of 6 Results