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  1. T shirt Printing Issues
    Before I print with my Epson F2100 I go through the nozzle check and do a light or medium head cleaning on the whites only. Now I get the dreaded suction cap error message on both light and medium cleaning but I am ok with a heavy head cleaning. I have done the prescribed maintenance but no...
  2. T shirt Printing Issues
    I'm a new member here and tried looking through the threads but have not come across the right help yet, will keep looking and delete post if I find it. So I probably made a poor choice first off.. I bought a used DTG Digital M2 cheap with no experience on how to fix it and started working on...
  3. Brother
    Hi Guys Anyone know of any techs in or around Massachusetts? Just picked up a used gtx, and having print head woes. Trying to get the color head running so I can generate some revenue on white ts and purchase a white print head since its likely not salvagable. Brother has no techs listed near...
  4. Ricoh DTG
    I just received and AnaJet Sprint SP-200 from a buddy of mine. It's been sitting in storage the past 5 years and needs some maintenance. Right out of the gate it needs a printhead. Is any Epson DX5 printhead compatible? Can I steal a printhead from another printer model to use in this? I'm also...
  5. Typographic T-shirt Design.

    My new T-shirt design for my client on Fiverr. It's a Typographic T-shirt design for the printing of a clothing company. Order me for a custom t-shirt design on Fiverr or Dm me. I will design a custom trendy graphic t-shirt in 24 hours. Grow your POD business with @designplanet24.
  6. Epson SureColor DTG Printers
    Ok, I printed yesterday with design using white, today I tried to print on black shirts and all white channels no show, pulled print head and all nozzles flowed perfectly. Put back together and tried to do nozzle check and I had nothing on test print from any color, did about 12 nozzle checks...
1-6 of 6 Results