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  1. Brother
    Hey Wondering if someone can help me with my brother GTX. Every time I print the white starts to fade straight away. The head is clean and when I put it into cleans the nozzle check comes out perfect. But then as soon a sI put a shirt on the start of the print comes out really strong and the...
  2. Ricoh DTG
    I flushed the lines, wetcapped and shut it down before the Christmas holiday. Since coming back from the holiday I have had 990 error I cannot seem to clear and inconsistent white nozzle checks. I have done what seems to feel like millions of strong auto cleans as well as manual cleans. Today...
  3. T shirt Printing Issues
    Hey all, new member here....I've searched the forums already & attempted a few things....some background: This unit has been plugged in but had no UPS battery backup behind it & when I came back a day after running my first and second prints, the ICH chip now shows 4 LED's, which is confusing...
1-3 of 3 Results