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  1. DTG Pretreatment
    I am having no luck selling on ebay. Purchased it last year and only used it a few times. Not sure how to post in the classifieds on this site. Any ideas where else I can post it?
  2. DTG Pretreatment
    I've tried a few different hoodies, tried various levels of image armor to the point that it was too much, and every print setting pretty much and still can't it to come out right. It has lines it (see pic in link)....please help. Matt Hoodie
  3. Blog
    1 – [email protected] #1 – Pretreatment on Everything? We recently received a message from a follower who has a question about pretreatment for DTG printing: Do all t-shirts need to be pretreated before printing? Even light-coloured ones? Even white ones? A simple question requires a simple answer...
  4. T shirt Printing Issues
    Hi everybody, I'm starting my DTG operation, mostly using industry standard blanks like the G2000, NL3600 and Bella+Canvas 3001C. I was wondering if there is some sort of database where I can find pre-treat profiling for each blank + color combination? In order to know exactly how much I should...
  5. Direct to Garment (DTG) Inkjet Printing
    I have been doing dtg printing now for about 2 months and lately I've been having a very strange problem. It only ever really happens on the gray garments. I go through the normal process of pretreating in the machine, and it looks normal. Then, when I press it, a quarter sized reddish/orangeish...
1-5 of 5 Results