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  1. Need Help Finding a T-Shirt DESIGN
    Hi, We are in full swing into Corporate Garmenting. Are there any standard styles or patterns in which we can develop corporate Tshirts (Knitwear)?
  2. General T-Shirt Buying Discussion
    I used to buy Gildans performance tech hoodies (99500) all the time. In my opinion they are the best fitting and most comfortable polyester hoodies out there. It looks like they stopped making them. Has anyone else used them or know what’s going on with them? What are some other polyester...
  3. General T-Shirt Buying Discussion
    Hi Guys, I am starting a new Printing business here in Iligan City and now looking for Polyester T-Shirt within or near probably Cagayan De Oro or Iligan City. Also looking for Sublimation Ink and Papers. Please contact me if you have an offer: 09161027267
  4. General T-Shirt Selling Discussion
    Has anyone used polyestershirt.com?
  5. General T-Shirt Buying Discussion
    Hello, I'm just look for 100% polyester hoodies. I'm doing a big sublimation order for our Elementary school and want to give them the best deal and make a little also. Any info will be great! Thank you Annette Fitzgerald
  6. T shirt Printing Issues
    Equipment : Stahls Hotronix Fusion IQ ( The press have been calibrated and is beeing tested for temperature precision regularly ) Cutter : GCC Puma IV LX Material : Poli - Tape Turbo 4901 white 0500 - 25...
  7. General T-Shirt Selling Discussion
    Is it an option to start my tshirt business selling only white/light tshirts printed with sublimation? I know I have to stick to white or light poly/cotton blend fabrics ... Do you think they would sell? Or is this material only good for personalized and events apparel?
  8. Heat Press and Heat Transfers
    I can’t figure out what Ian doing wrong. I have the Epson et2750 and have sublimation ink in it.it doesn’t matter what I print it will not transfer I am using sublimation pop sockets, keychains, and polyester shirts pressing at 400 for 45-60 seconds. Can anyone help me
  9. Dye Sublimation
    Me and my wife planning to make textile toys for babies, under 36 month age. We would like to use the EPSON SureColor SC-F100 ( SureColor SC-F100 ) to print the design to official EPSON transfer paper with EPSON ink. The sublimated textile gonna be 100% polyester. What do you think, can it be...
  10. Screen Printing
    Hi Guys !! Im new in this industry and i have some question about it. i already bougth the printer also the cricut easypress 2. i was traying to sublimate Gildan tshirt but!! they are 100% Cotton and the final result is horrible. So... i have 2 option rigth now. Option 1) Make all my...
  11. T shirt Printing Issues
    Hey guys, so I normally print with water-based inks but have a job for 100% polyester windbreakers. I decided to go the route of plastisol inks on this one. I bought some of the Poly One 741 Poly White ink. I burned a 110 mesh, and the design is a really bold typeset that is 12”wide (basically a...
  12. T-Shirt Articles
    Transfer printing – Identifying and resolving problems People are telling me that this could be interesting, so I wanted to share with you. Transfer printing – Identifying and resolving problems Holger Beck, SEF - The digital transfer printing market has been growing for years. While this has...
1-12 of 12 Results