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  1. Plastisol Transfers
    since screen printing and plastisol transfers print is softer than HTV would it be wise to use a 13x 13 screen print transfer on a light/medium shirt Or should that be for heavy 6 oz and up shirts/hoodies. and whats the biggest print you would recommend on a light/medium shirt.
  2. T shirt Printing Issues
    So we have ran into this problem when after curing plastisol via conveyer dryer we sometimes press vinyl names, numbers or transfers on the shirts as well. If we press any part of the shirt that has the cured plastisol the plastisol will bond to the Teflon sheet and peel up. It seems to be most...
  3. Screen Printing
    Hello, I recently did a run with a puff additive in my plastisol ink. I used stretch additive as well. Both from Total Ink Solutions.. Soo. The issue I was having is that the ink would look shiny once I cured it. Only in some spots. I am curing with a flash dryer and do not have a conveyor...
  4. Referrals and Recommendations
    Hi guys. Quiet some time ago, I used to work with Gulfside heat transfer in Florida. That company was a dream to work with. Large format, amazing prints, fast turn around, and great communication. Then they closed their business. Since that time I have been working with another company that...
  5. Plastisol Ink Screen Printing
    On the buckets of Wilflex Ink (not sure about all of them but is says it on the one bucket of wilflex ink that I have) they say "use within one year of receipt". I was under the impression that plastisol ink had a very long shelf life. That makes me confused as to why they're saying to use it...
  6. Plastisol Transfers
    Hello, I was wondering if there were any Canadians on here that have ordered from Howard Custom Transfers? They are providing me with shipping costs, however I would like to know what approximate brokerage fees will be seeing as they ship via UPS. They have informed me they have a lot of...
  7. Plastisol Ink Screen Printing
    Is anyone using a dishwasher to clean their squeegees and mixing tools? Are their any dangers to the wear and tear of the rubber?
  8. Primus-PLAST 3D FILMS Hot Stamping with Plastisol ink

    Our Web: https://www.primusinks.com.tw/news/detail/36 Our Youtube: https//www.youtube.com/channel/UCGli8gZyt4fEbgCiHdsi9gw Application :
  9. T-ShirtForums Newsletter Articles
    Plastisol Curing Facts You Should Know Achieving a full cure using plastisol ink should, on the surface, be a simple proposition. Turn on your dryer to the proper temperature, lay the shirt on the belt, and send it on its way. But there are rules, and there are complications we must deal with...
1-9 of 9 Results