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  1. Plastisol Transfers
    since screen printing and plastisol transfers print is softer than HTV would it be wise to use a 13x 13 screen print transfer on a light/medium shirt Or should that be for heavy 6 oz and up shirts/hoodies. and whats the biggest print you would recommend on a light/medium shirt.
  2. Heat Press and Heat Transfers
    I am wondering what equipment is used by transfer companies to create full color photo transfers with gradients and faded edges and stuff? I have bought quite a few in the past from Art Brands as an example and they call some of them "High Definition Lights". Of course that particular kind can...
  3. Member Introductions
    Whats up my T shirt Family!! I've been getting help/reading from this forum from the shadows for awhile now and decided finally to get Initiated lol. Started my journey during covid with plastisol transfers and HTV. Now looking to jump into another method to grow My at home biz, [where's my DTG...
  4. Screen Printing
    Does anyone know if you can add adhesive to plastisol prints that have already been gelled on paper? Is it possible to reheat the print to add the adhesive? I know this may sound random but wondering if anyone has suggestions or experience.
1-4 of 4 Results