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  1. Printers and Inks for Inkjet and Laser Transfers
    Hey, sorry another thread, asking for recommendations. (Believe me i searched through tons) Skip to my TLDR to skip my jargon. Anyone have an idea of what printer i can pickup for the job? I dont really care for sublimation currently as i cant print it on all my t-shirt colours. So just wanting...
  2. Printers and Inks for Inkjet and Laser Transfers
    Good morning and happy holidays to everyone. Brand new to this forum. Just bought some stuff for Christmas and looking to make some fun shirts and designs and had a few questions. I just bought this Epson printer and I was going to turn it into a sublimation printer. So here are a few questions...
  3. Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper
    Hi there, I really hope I'm posting in the right forum. I'm trying to set up a business selling clothing with my own designs on. I have a heat press and Cricut (only while I test the market), I've purchased some Jet Opaque heat transfer paper and I've purchased some pigment ink for my old Epson...
1-3 of 3 Results