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  1. Graphics and Design Help
    We have decided to start offering Stahl's 3D patches. I am looking for advice on how to do a mockup that looks more like the patch.
  2. Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper
    Hi guys, I'm still new to all this and I'm unsure if I'm even in the right forum! I have made some dark t shirts but I keep getting little patches like this when I pull the paper back. (this isn't my photo but it's the same issue) I am using sublimation ink as I use this for my normal...
  3. Embroidery
    I'm trying to embroider a square patches onto standard baseball caps, but the stitching never turns out completely square with the patch. It's just a simple bean stitch that runs all the way around to tack the patch to the cap. My assumptions are that it's not straight because of the curve...
1-3 of 3 Results