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  1. Screen Printing
    Hello, fellow printers, I have a problem, I have a client that required the PMS colors to match DeltaE under 2 in the spectrophotometer, my problem the reading in the CEI LAB needs corrections and I don't know how to translate this correction into let's say grams. Please let me know if any of...
  2. Plastisol Ink Screen Printing
    On the buckets of Wilflex Ink (not sure about all of them but is says it on the one bucket of wilflex ink that I have) they say "use within one year of receipt". I was under the impression that plastisol ink had a very long shelf life. That makes me confused as to why they're saying to use it...
  3. Screen Printing
    Hi there, Has anyone tried Amex Texprint cmx waterbased Pantone mixing inks? Any feedback?
1-3 of 3 Results