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  1. Laser Heat Transfer Paper
    Hello all, I am thinking of adding an Oki Pro 8432 printer to go along with the Epson F2000 that I currently have. I would like to believe everything that I read about the ability to apply to a wide array of substrates. I have searched the forum and found some really bad reviews from 2018. Has...
  2. T shirt Printing Issues
    I have a C711 Wt, and I'm running PS, trying to figure out how to set things for adding white only where the design calls for it. I normally don't mind doing the trial and error thing, but I'd rather not mess around too much, given the cost of white toner. I've seen the reviews for the Forever...
  3. Laser Heat Transfer Paper
    こんにちは 私は日本でTシャツのビジネスをし ています。FOREVERのレーザーダーク(カットなし)を使用しています。 ただ、値段が高い気がします。 日本で買うと、A3サイズ100枚セットで5万円。 5万円は約481ドルです。 輸入が可能であれば、ドイツのFOREVERと直接取引をしたいと思います。 Laser-Dark(カットなし)でいくら購入しますか?
  4. Printers and Inks for Inkjet and Laser Transfers
    1) Other white toner printers support moving the white toner position, thus you can underprint or overprint the white toner. There is a rumor that Oki has updated their driver to allow this option due to UniNet enabling this in their rebranded Oki line. 2) There is a driver for the C811 that...