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  1. Referrals and Recommendations
    Hello! New to the forums! I ran 3 Summit XT machines for a number of years. I have since left the company and they have since sold off those machines. I went to a local print shop that had a Brother GTX and was not impressed with the quality, vibrancy, or white ink density. Is there anyone...
  2. Member Introductions
    I wanted to give a quick hello to the group! I’m Brett and looking for the best indoor hobby (living in Michigan this time of year is literally the pitta) I can find and between my love for design and my love for t-shirts, this is a no brainer! I am not looking to start a storefront or be a...
  3. Member Introductions
    Hello all this is David. I'm glad to be the part a of this community, hope to discover and share some interesting discussions 😊
1-3 of 3 Results