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  1. Parisienne Mermaid Fabric Panel, Hounds Tooth Fin, Altered Mermaid Quilt Panel

    The beautiful high fashion mermaid is tipping her hat as she walks the streets of Paris. This is our own creation and you will find her only at www.fabricartfairy.com
  2. Altered Victorian Collage Mermaid Fabric Panel For Sewing

    The lovely Victorian mermaid is sitting on the beach admiring herself in a mirror.
  3. Vintage Mermaid Fabric Panel, Rare Fabric Mermaid Panel, Sleeping Striped Fin Mermaid

    The beautiful sleeping mermaid is being watched for safety by her sister. This is a very rare mermaid printed onto heirloom quality fabric with fade resistant ink.
1-3 of 3 Results