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  1. Direct To Film (DTF) Printing
    Hi everyone. Have you seen such an issue with this printer. Nozzle check is perfect and the print head is brand new. The ink is the same I that I used the last 6 months. Any ideas?
  2. Direct To Film (DTF) Printing
    Need some help with regards to l1800 dtf printer. After 2 prints my whites starts fading and printing in lines and not solid. I run 2 head clean and then it starts printing normally and I have to repeat the cycle. Any advice how to fix the issue as this was never the case.
  3. Direct to Garment (DTG) Inkjet Printing
    Hello Friends I have converted L1800 successfully to UV flatbed.Result are awesome but i am facing a problem. When i print large object say 200 x 300 mm initially it print good but as prints continues colours becomes faint, seems like ink is missing or ink in unable to reach to head.If i...
1-3 of 3 Results