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  1. Kornit
    We have a Kornit Breeze and when doing the purge and wipe this morning, this error came up: Maintenance tray has failed to move to wiping position Does anyone know how we fix it?
  2. T shirt Printing Issues
    Hi Everyone, Calling all Kornit DTG workflow owners and colour experts out there. I am having issues getting a consistent output of colour through my POD converter's print workflow. I will explain further below as its not as straight forward as what I am used too. I’m new to this forum...
  3. Kornit
    Hi Everyone, Calling all Kornit DTG workflow owners and experts out there. I’m new to this forum, however, well versed in digital print for all mediums for over 15yrs now. I recently started a little POD T-Shirt business (bit of lockdown fun) working with a facility near to my hometown in UK...
  4. T shirt Printing Issues
    Not so much of an issue with T-Shirts but with our current Hoodies that we print with, after a single wash the print is coming right off. We are putting down a 40% fixation with a single layer of white. These are then dried/cured at 160-165 degrees celcius for around 8.5 minutes but it goes...
  5. Kornit
    Hi All, We are getting ready to sell our 30 year old embroidery and garment printing business and have a Kornit 932 Thunder that has been discontinued by Kornit. They no longer offer a maintenance contract and I was wondering if anyone knows of a repairman that travels and can work on these? I...
1-5 of 5 Results