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  1. Direct To Film (DTF) Printing
    English: Hi, I'm searching for good quality dtf ink in the Netherlands if someone can help me that would be really awesome! Dutch: Hoi, Ik ben op zoek naar dtf inkt van goede kwaliteit in Nederland als iemand me kan helpen zou dat echt geweldig zijn!
  2. Plastisol Ink Screen Printing
    Let me know you have any left of this discontinued ink! In the middle of a job and ran out of ink. Thanks.
  3. T shirt Printing Issues
    Purchased a custom exposed screen online, test printed the design perfectly onto card stock to ensure the design fully passed through the screen before immediately after printing onto a tshirt. The first print came out perfectly onto the card, however when using the same method to printing on to...
  4. Dye Sublimation
    Hi, I am doing some research before I buy the Epson SC-F6370 and I need some clarification on the two different ink variations hdK and nK. My understanding is that hdK is better for clothing but bad at hard substrates like ChromaLuxe. Whereas the nK variation is great at ChromaLuxe and good at...
  5. Heat Press and Heat Transfers
    Hey, so i want to start printing tshirts via heat transfer. I`ve been reading about printers but im not sure what should i buy. I know that i need a pigment inkjet printer but i can`t seem to find one in my country. Another thing i want to know is if i get a printer like one of the Epson Ecotank...
  6. Heat Press and Heat Transfers
    Evening! I am after a little bit of advice. I have a printer and I am using sublimation ink for my sublimation transfers, however I am also using dark transfer paper, I currently have PPD. After a couple of days, the images go really blurry. Is there a reason for this? Thanks
  7. TF Classifieds
    I am looking to sell my complete screen printing setup, which includes absolutely everything you need - you can start printing today. The total package is worth over $7,500. The printing press is a BRAND NEW TOP-OF-THE-LINE Vastex HD2000 series 2-color/2-station press. I had it custom...
  8. T shirt Printing Issues
    Ive recently bought an epson xp-5105 And new blank cartridges, i loaded up the cartridges, put the plugs back in the top and took out the breather plugs and still no luck ! HEEEEELLLLLPPPPPP All im getting is blank sheets of paper !!
  9. Screen Printing
    Hello! First my Green Galaxy colors are WAY too thin. It’s 4:30pm right now and I left them outside to evaporate since 10am but I don’t see much difference :( and it’s just too horrible having to deal with milk like ink 2. I screen printer with yellow. Used white green galaxy for the...
  10. T-Shirt Articles
    New to screen printing or looking to streamline your operations? Before I worked on Printavo, I ran a small shop in Champaign, IL. As a small shop operator, I found out the hard way that keeping a clean and organized shop was essential to being successful. By minimizing waste I found that I was...
1-10 of 10 Results