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  1. Vinyl Cutters (Plotters) and Transfers
    I have decided to answer the question of what is the the heat transfer vinyl for once and for all. I couldn’t grab every piece of HTV possible, but I feel like we have some good variety and with some recommendations from you guys on my previous thread. The materials I have tested are Thermoflex...
  2. Vinyl Cutters (Plotters) and Transfers
    When I need to make a quick one off shirt, I usually use HTV, and for a while I've been using siser HTV. I recently bought a graohtec CE7000, and I got it through stahls so they threw in a few rolls of their ultraweed. I used it a few times, and it seems pretty on par with siser. I have heard a...
  3. Vinyl Signs and Decals
    Guys I wanted to know if there's anyway that I can stick decal vinyl onto clothing? Or vinyl used on cars.
  4. General T-Shirt Selling Discussion
    Hey all! I'm trying to find info on a presumably weird request. I need to find somebody who would be able to supply blank iron-on patches that I would be able to apply heat transfer vinyl (and possibly ink transfer paper) to. I think right now how they would work is I would prepress the hat...
  5. Screen Printing
    Hello guys! We are planning to print on black cotton tshirts. we have been thinking about htv or subli option on cotton. do you have any experience with it? which one do you recommend more? Thank you for answers tho
  6. General T-Shirt Selling Discussion
    Hi Guys I have been using HTV for the last 5 years and out source my printable vinyl. As want to add to my print collection but what's best for all round efficiency. I print half cotton, half polyester Should I buy screen printer print and cut machine DTG DTF White toner Or what is my...
  7. T-Shirt Tag Relabeling and Finishing
    I'm recently starting a brand, and looking for ways to relabel. I have a screen printing press and a heat press. I first tried using HTV but the label I wanted was too small for my Cricut to cut. I also tried screen printing, it works well on 100% cotton, but on the inside of 50/50 cotton it...
  8. Splitting.png

    heat transfer vinyl splitting to small rolls or sheets
  9. Rolling.png

    Rolling for vinyl and splitting for heat transfer vinyl
  10. Heat Press and Heat Transfers
    I just completed my first HTV project, which consists of white graphics on a black T-Shirt. When pressing on the vinyl I used the Cricut Easy Press 2 and followed the HTV manufactures instructions of 320 degrees (Fahrenheit) of heat for 15 seconds. When I peeled the transfer sheet off I noticed...
  11. Heat Press and Heat Transfers
    Looking for recommendations for the best heat transfer vinyls in Melbourne.
  12. Heat Press and Heat Transfers
    I've heard that you can't iron anything that contains even the tiniest amount of spandex. This would be a disaster because I've already ordered the clothes and the vinyl! The care label says "Iron on reverse" and shows a small Iron picture. Would it help if I put parchment paper on top of it...
  13. Heat Press and Heat Transfers
    Im obviously new to this, but Im trying to find out whether inkjet printable HT Vinyl comes in light or dark variants because printable HT Paper does! If so, do you know if the white parts on printable light fabric HTV are translucent/blend with the t-shirt's colour? The image i've attached...
  14. Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper
    Hello! I need help. I use Poli Flex 4605 printable htv paper for inkjet printer. When I printed, colors are bleeding and wash out. What Can I do ? Thank you!!
  15. Graphics and Design Help
    Hello! I need help. I use Poli Flex 4605 printable htv paper for inkjet printer. When I printed, colors are bleeding and wash out. What Can I do ? Thank you!!
  16. T shirt Printing Issues
    I have an HP Latex 315 and have been using SEF Graffiti HTV for shirts. Love everything about it except the glossy sheen and thickness. Anyone have any other recommendations for matte finish and soft hand? I've tried Siser however it doesn't come off the backer with transfer tape (common problem...
  17. HTV

    some previous vinyl transfer orders
  18. Vinyl Cutters (Plotters) and Transfers
    hi, i am new to HTV. i am planing to buy a cutter plotter. i have 2 options in my hand. 1. buy GCC expert ii from eBay seller. cost will be $790 with shipping and tax. 2. buy Vicsign HW630 from local seller with 1year warranty for nearly $608. (US $505.72 6% OFF|Vicsign HW630 24) and any of...
  19. Heat Press and Heat Transfers
    Hello, I am Sad to here that Stahls is no longer producing superfilm. It was the only HTV i could get to melt into the fabric. I am wondering if anyone has found anything close? And why did stahls stop makeing it?I lucally stocked up on a bunch but am now getting low. my customers enjoy the...
  20. Vinyl Cutters (Plotters) and Transfers
    My favorite htv from flexheattransfer has been replaced and I don't love it. It used to be 50-60 microns and it is now 90. I am looking for another htv and came across Middle Graphics Coos vinyl. I was wondering if anyone has used it. If not what they recommend. Thanks Sue
1-20 of 21 Results