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  1. Heat Presses - Equipment
    I have a Hotronix MAXX 16x18in but need a smaller heat platen for kids shirts. Just wondering if there another company or a knockoff that sells an alternative smaller platen that will for a faction of the cost. These platens are very costly. Hope ya can help, thanks! www.ambitiodesigns.com
  2. TF Classifieds
    Hotronix 16" x 16" in great shape. It is a clamshell auto open heat press. Reason for sale is that we replaced this in one of our t-shirt trailers with a Hix air operated automatic heat press. I have the electronic manual with this.
    $850 USD
  3. Heat Press and Heat Transfers
    We owned one of the original Fusion heat presses from Stahls and wore it out. Just replaced it with their new Fusion IQ and are gravely disappointed. Due to space, we operate with the tray instead of swing-away. On the old Fusion we could print quickly pulling the tray/platen out to the stop...
  4. Heat Presses - Equipment
    The past few weeks, you all have convinced me that it's just stupid to keep messing with these "off brand" non-US-made presses. Plus it's making me crazy to keep getting defective presses. So, I'm gonna return the most recent messed-up press I got last week and bite the bullet and get one of...
  5. TF Classifieds
    Date of Post: 1/10/2021 I have 4 Stahls Hotronix Airfusion IQ Machines with Stand for Sale. They are all in good working condition. I have many photos and videos that were just taken on Jan. 9, 2021. Local Pick Up is preferred but I can ship them to you and you will be charged separately for...
  6. Heat Presses - Equipment
    Looking for any recommendations of where to sell a barely used high-end heat press. Are there any industry specific classified sites or forums anyone can recommend?
  7. T-Shirt Articles
    I'd venture to say one of the most asked questions on the forum is what heat press to buy or what to look for in a heat press. With this in mind, I decided to take every type of heat press that I have access to, put them all in one room, lock myself inside and make a video. In this series I...
1-7 of 7 Results