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heat transfer paper

  1. Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper
    Hi there, I really hope I'm posting in the right forum. I'm trying to set up a business selling clothing with my own designs on. I have a heat press and Cricut (only while I test the market), I've purchased some Jet Opaque heat transfer paper and I've purchased some pigment ink for my old Epson...
  2. Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper
    I Have been making shirts for about 5-6 years. I read the forum from this account and another and have been doing so for years. We all know that JET PRO SS is for LIGHT COLORS. I have only used it for white other than trying it on black as a novice lol. I would like to ask the the community...
  3. Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper
    Hello, So I've used dark transfer paper for a red t-shirt I have for printing a snowman and the white came out opaque and faded, so how could that be solved? Is it becahse I applied to much pressure and did it for too long? Thank you
  4. Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper
    Hello, So I'm new to the whole t-shirt business. I've been wanting to start my own clothing brand, building my way from t-shirts to eventually doing more like pants, shoes, etc. I've invested into a heat press and some other supplies like a cutting board, printers, and so on. I've been playing...