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  1. Heat Press and Heat Transfers
    I need a large format heat press 60cm x 80cm or a little bigger but I need it to come with a standard uk 3 pin plug – does anyone know of a company selling a unit like this in the UK? Thanks.
  2. Heat Presses - Equipment
    I am looking to buy a large format heat press - 100cm by 65cm maybe a tiny bit bigger. Does anyone know of a good brand or supplier? My premises only come with a standard uk wall socket will this be a problem?
  3. Heat Presses - Equipment
    Hi! Looking at heat presses and I’d love some guidance on which to purchase. Geo night dk14s.. Stahls A2z swing away. I’m a tie dye company and print mostly on adult tee shirts, baby onesies, toddler tees. Any suggestions !? Thanks :)
  4. Member Introductions
    Can I post about some equipment for sale? Where would it go? If not allowed any recommendations on where I go to post equipment I have for sale? Linda and Mark Reynolds
  5. Heat Press and Heat Transfers
    Hello everyone! I am new to sublimation so this may be a very simple question but... I am trying to find the sweet spot for time and temp on my machine. My practice mugs look nice and clean but the image scratches right off? Thoughts or ideas are appreciated!
  6. Heat Press and Heat Transfers
    Hi Guys ! few month ago i started into the tshirt bussines. I Started with sublimation but everithing was wrong ! Now im triying to use a regular transfer paper with a printer Epson ET-2760 and also im using 3G jet opaque transfer paper. The final result is ok. But i want to looking for...
  7. Heat Press and Heat Transfers
    I can’t figure out what Ian doing wrong. I have the Epson et2750 and have sublimation ink in it.it doesn’t matter what I print it will not transfer I am using sublimation pop sockets, keychains, and polyester shirts pressing at 400 for 45-60 seconds. Can anyone help me
  8. Dye Sublimation
    Not sure if this is the right section but we are experiencing problems with the color grey. The CMYK code is correct, printers heads are cleaned all the time. The problem I believe occurs during the heat pressing of material. Say for example we are heat pressing grey softball pants. On the same...
  9. Need Help Finding a T-Shirt DESIGN
    Hi there! Im having some issues with my Jet Pro Soft Stretch transfer (light) and the cricut easy press 2 heat press. Some decals come out ok on my t shirts but most images/ fonts leave a grainy texture on both the paper and T-shirt with most of the ink not transferring onto the garment. Has...
  10. T shirt Printing Issues
    Hi there! Im having some issues with my Jet Pro Soft Stretch transfer (light) and the cricut easy press 2 heat press. Some decals come out ok on my t shirts but most images/ fonts leave a grainy texture on both the paper and T-shirt with most of the ink not transferring onto the garment. Has...
  11. Heat Press and Heat Transfers
    I am currently using parody dark jet pro paper for my hoodies and my clothing brand. I press it on medium pressure and 375 degrees for 25 seconds. With that I press the hoodies alone before putting the design on and then after pressing I stretch it out and repress for another 10 seconds. They...
  12. Heat Presses - Equipment
    The past few weeks, you all have convinced me that it's just stupid to keep messing with these "off brand" non-US-made presses. Plus it's making me crazy to keep getting defective presses. So, I'm gonna return the most recent messed-up press I got last week and bite the bullet and get one of...
  13. Member Introductions
    Hello All, My name is Khadija and I own a shop on Etsy. We make personalized items like water bottles, pouches, drawstring bags. I am using vinyl all the way and loving it. All this is done from my apartment in US. Four years in business, I want to expand into sublimation. Did a quite bit of...
  14. Typographic T-shirt Design.

    Typographic T-shirt Design.

    My new Nurse T-shirt design for my client on Fiverr. It's a Typographic T-shirt design for the printing of a clothing company. Order me for a custom t-shirt design on Fiverr or Dm me. I will design a custom trendy graphic #tshirt in 24 hours. Grow your POD business with @designplanet24.
  15. Dye Sublimation
    Hello, I'm new the this sublimation world and I followed few advise but everything I try the result is yellow, just yellow! I'm using Epson SC P600 with SubliNova Ink and Ink Experts HR dye sublimation papr on a 100% polyester T. I've tried to press for 1 min at 200C, 5min at 180C, 30sec at...
  16. T shirt Printing Issues
    Hi, I am trying to use a vinyl cutter to do some heat press prints. I am having a lot of trouble with the sharpness of the lines and corners. I attached a photo and circles my issues in red. It's almost like the beginning of the cut and the end of the cut are not meeting up leaving a gap that...
  17. Heat Presses - Equipment
    Hey all, I am from Australia and new to heat presses. I am wanting to buy a decent heat press for my tshirt and hoody business. My max budget is 1500- I am leaning towards getting the Galaxy auto slider 15D from www.PicturePerfect.com.au. Obviously consistent heat and pressure is of importance...
  18. Europe
    Hi, My name is Marc and I am from Germany👋 I really and finally want to buy my first heatpress because I am really into selling clothes online and want to make my own. My budget max. 450 euro, I really do not want to spend more and if its possible to get acceptable quality I would even spend...
  19. Printers and Inks for Inkjet and Laser Transfers
    Good morning and happy holidays to everyone. Brand new to this forum. Just bought some stuff for Christmas and looking to make some fun shirts and designs and had a few questions. I just bought this Epson printer and I was going to turn it into a sublimation printer. So here are a few questions...
  20. Heat Press and Heat Transfers
    Hi guys I have a problem trying to heat press some 0.4mm thick 3D silicone heat transfers that I’ve brought, the manufacture says it should be pressed at 150 degrees for 10seconds on the front then 15 seconds on the back then cold peeled however every attempt that I’ve Done has failed but leaves...