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  1. Heat Press and Heat Transfers
    Looking to find a good heat press to use for a long time. Money is not a big factor, rather spend a little extra for longevity. Mostly concerned about customer support and the actual hardiness of the machines. Choosing between.. Stahls' Hotronix Auto Open 16" x 20" Clam Heat Press Geo Knight...
  2. Heat Presses - Equipment
    Hi Everyone, I have a Hotronix Fusion and I loved it! I'm a screen printer so it's second nature to me to threat a shirt on and press a transfer in a way similar to how I screenprint. I was printing the other day and heard a strange noise, which was the e-clip popping off of the spindle...
  3. Australia and New Zealand
    Hello, I have a small garment decoration business, I am looking into presses. Does any one have any review or knows how good is the Ricoma heat press? Thanks. https://ricoma.com.au/product/flat-heat-press/
  4. Member Introductions
    Hi everyone I'm looking to purchase my first heat press (UK) so far I'm thinking Geo or Hotronix what would you pick? I only want a smallish surface area and I also would like it to have changeable platens for plate or mug transfers but it's not a major thing if you don't think this is a good...
  5. Europe
    Hi, My name is Marc and I am from Germany👋 I really and finally want to buy my first heatpress because I am really into selling clothes online and want to make my own. My budget max. 450 euro, I really do not want to spend more and if its possible to get acceptable quality I would even spend...
  6. T-Shirt Articles
    I'd venture to say one of the most asked questions on the forum is what heat press to buy or what to look for in a heat press. With this in mind, I decided to take every type of heat press that I have access to, put them all in one room, lock myself inside and make a video. In this series I...
1-7 of 7 Results