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    I have 200k followers on social media and want to launch a small run of merch (sweaters, tees, mugs) in the UK with a local supplier. I’ve been working with a great designer who proposed he takes 10% of net sales in exchange for the designs instead of his hourly £30 rate. The tees are costing...
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    Some of them are so minimalist yet overwhelming at the same time – when you manage to make these two attributes comply with each other it means you have created something unique. It is widely known that it is difficult to create great book cover designs, because it has to encompass everything...
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    We at tshirt-factory.com have a big Black Friday sale that everyone can enjoy, and is available until Monday! Discount for all vectors and t-shirt designs!!
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    How To Design a Vintage Fashion T-Shirt Tutorial in Adobe PhotoShop This tutorial will show you how to design a cool t-shirt with free vintage art in Adobe PhotoShop. You will also learn how to make an action in PhotoShop in this tutorial.