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geo knight
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  1. Heat Press and Heat Transfers
    So I recent got my hands on a lightly used Jet Press 14. Seems to work great, only thing is I can’t seem to figure out the temperature knob. If I turn to the right of the “1” it will heat up, indicated by the red light. If I turn to the left of the “1” the light turns off and stops heating up I...
  2. Heat Presses - Equipment
    The past few weeks, you all have convinced me that it's just stupid to keep messing with these "off brand" non-US-made presses. Plus it's making me crazy to keep getting defective presses. So, I'm gonna return the most recent messed-up press I got last week and bite the bullet and get one of...
  3. Heat Presses - Equipment
    Help! my geo DK20S is clicking on and off by its self??? --- have searched online but havent found anything on this exact issue
1-3 of 3 Results