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  1. Heat Presses - Equipment
    is this too good to be true for ebay,or do websites always have killer deals like this. the seller had pics and they looked nice. lets say its broken or faulty, Geo knight would help me as i see These machines boasts a lifetime warranty on the heat platen, and im willing to pay whatever for...
  2. Heat Presses - Equipment
    out of those 3 which heat presses has the better pressure , IDK why but hottronix looks a bit weak compared to the others lol.
  3. Heat Presses - Equipment
    T SHIRT AVENGERS ASSEMBLE NOW THIS IS AN EMERGENCY. OMEGA THREAT LEVEL CUE T-SHIRT FORUM THEME AVENGERS MUSIC I sincerely apologize if it seems like i'm annoying, but I really need advice or mental convincing. people keep saying just get started you'll make your money back, dont go over your...
  4. Heat Presses - Equipment
    Stahl is $775 swing away 15x15 can get combo for 1k that comes with additional stuff https://www.stahls.com/heat-press-machine-packages?package=35 geoknight $1450 clamshell 16x20 https://heatpress.com/products/digital-knight-16x20-clamshell or maybe MAXX...
  5. Heat Press and Heat Transfers
    So I recent got my hands on a lightly used Jet Press 14. Seems to work great, only thing is I can’t seem to figure out the temperature knob. If I turn to the right of the “1” it will heat up, indicated by the red light. If I turn to the left of the “1” the light turns off and stops heating up I...
  6. Heat Presses - Equipment
    The past few weeks, you all have convinced me that it's just stupid to keep messing with these "off brand" non-US-made presses. Plus it's making me crazy to keep getting defective presses. So, I'm gonna return the most recent messed-up press I got last week and bite the bullet and get one of...
  7. Heat Presses - Equipment
    Help! my geo DK20S is clicking on and off by its self??? --- have searched online but havent found anything on this exact issue
1-7 of 7 Results