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  1. Vinyl Cutters (Plotters) and Transfers
    Sorry everyone I'm trying to Delete this post, realized I need to provide more info that I can't get tonight. I guess I'll update this tomorrow cause I can't find how to take it down. original post: Hey y'all..... So, we have an old Roland vinyl cutter that is running on Serial, with some kind...
  2. GCC Brand Vinyl Cutters
    Hi! I've bought a used GCC Expert 24 II LX ,plugged it in tried some different drivers ,old ones and new ones but saw that it was an usb issue. I'm getting an error that says the device is not migrated; Device USBPRINT\UnknownPrinter\6&3921b95&3&USB001 was not migrated due to partial or...
  3. Vinyl Cutters (Plotters) and Transfers
    hi, i am new to HTV. i am planing to buy a cutter plotter. i have 2 options in my hand. 1. buy GCC expert ii from eBay seller. cost will be $790 with shipping and tax. 2. buy Vicsign HW630 from local seller with 1year warranty for nearly $608. (US $505.72 6% OFF|Vicsign HW630 24) and any of...
1-3 of 3 Results