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gcc expert ii lx cutter
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  1. GCC Brand Vinyl Cutters
    Hi! I've bought a used GCC Expert 24 II LX ,plugged it in tried some different drivers ,old ones and new ones but saw that it was an usb issue. I'm getting an error that says the device is not migrated; Device USBPRINT\UnknownPrinter\6&3921b95&3&USB001 was not migrated due to partial or...
  2. GCC Brand Vinyl Cutters
    Hi! I need some help with a very random issue with my GCC cutter. I have contacted tech support with no luck. Their customer service is horrible. I am randomly getting a line when cutting. It is cutting a letter then will suddenly go straight up, down or sideways several inches and then back to...
1-2 of 2 Results