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  1. T shirt Printing Issues
    Hi all, so I'm in need of some guidance, so like the title says, I'm having exposure times issues, as of right now I'm using ryonet WBP red. I've used the ecotex Tex red right before this due to needing emulsion ASAP, but Ryonet Red is what im used too. Recently I've changed my exposure setup...
  2. Screen Printing
    Hey everyone, Thank you for stopping by. My fiancé and I just opened a screen printing shop in Florida. We have essentially the whole screen printing process down, however we are running into issues with our ability to make stencils that are good quality. My opinion is our exposure unit, and I...
  3. Screen Printing Equipment
    Hi all, This is the first thread I have ever written and I very much appreciate anybody willing to help me out here. I bought an exposure unit on Craigslist. It is an AWT- It is old- manufactured in 2006. I attached a picture of the unit and the lightbulbs in it. Prior to this, I was just...
  4. T shirt Printing Issues
    Hi! I'm a newbie in this screen printing game, but I've just recently bought a flood light LED 120W for my exposure on my photo emulsion silk screen. Will it work? :unsure:
  5. TF Classifieds
    All items are from a small, low-volume shop and have been well cared for. We may ship small items priced under $200 & able to ship via UPS. All large equipment (flash units included) must be picked up in person. We are located in Brevard County, FL. 4-color, 4-station manual screen printing...
  6. T-Shirt Articles
    It's easy to determine the optimum exposure time for a system even if you don't have an exposure calculator such as the Stouffer strip. Commercial exposure calculators are neutral density filters that allow specific percentages of the light to pass through so that you get a range of exposures...
1-6 of 6 Results