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  1. Epson SureColor DTG Printers
    Hey there... I need help with my printer. I'm desperate! It's a 4880 on a summit dtg viper frame. White ink was not coming out. So I cleaned print head.. got good flow on it. Still not printing. So I cleaned capping station and did many pulls... ink coming out. capping station clean...
  2. DTG Brand
    Hello anyone can help with getting a dtg m2 printhead part number is f18700030 epson water based or 4880 prinhtead
  3. NeoFlex
    Hi all, Does anyone know if it possible to just use a NeoSol as a NeoTex for dual CMYK just by flushing the inks and inserting the cartridges and a new head? Just curious if there are any specific differences for the NeoSol in terms of software / firmware that might not let it use the NeoRip...
  4. NeoFlex
    Hi, Right, so upon start up I instantly get the "NO MNT TANK" error message. I have replaced: Ribbon cables to tank sensor & sub board. Tank Sensor Motherboard Sub Board All Ribbon Cables from Sub Board to Motherboard Pretty much all ribbon cables from motherboard to all other boards The...
1-4 of 4 Results