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  1. Screen Printing
    I work for a facility that processes about 80 screens per day when we're busy. We haven't had much luck keeping our drains clear from the wash out booth. At least once a year our system backs up and we need to call in a plumber to bail us out. What they flush out can only be described as a...
  2. Screen Printing Equipment
    Hi, so I have a quart of kiwo emulsion remover. Is it different from a dip tank solution? even if it's different, could it be used like it?
  3. Screen Printing
    Hi all, I did a screen printing test that left my screen covered in emulsion that I can't remove. I'm not sure where I went wrong, or how many places I messed up, so here's what I did: I used an emulsion scooper for the first time, so I did a shaky job of coating both sides. I kept the coated...
1-3 of 3 Results