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  1. Embroidery
    What will be the digitizing cost for jacket back Logo?
  2. Embroidery
    The Head Card ( Part Number : JX6101A10000) in my Tajima TEHX-C1201 needs to be replaced. Does anyone have a working one they can sell to me?
  3. Custom Cap Logo Digitizing

    Digitizings Provide You Online Custom Embroidery Digitising & Raster To Vector Art Services
  4. Embroidery
    Should I be using cut away or tear away we are doing runs of 100-200 a lot and still using cut away which is time consuming but wanting to keep the quality after washing how does tear away hold up?
  5. Embroidery
    hello, everyone this is my first post as i decided to join the forum as i cant find an answer for this anywhere! Iv'e tried lots of stuff such as doubling up backing material, changing digitising, using no adhesive to attach backing, using allot of adhesive to attach backing. nothing seems to...
  6. Embroidery
    How many digitzers are available in this forum?
  7. Embroidery
    Hi there! I'm hoping someone can give me some advice && let me know what I'm doing wrong here! I have a Brother PR650E, it has had some tension issues for quite some time now. I finally decided to try to remedy them. The stitch outs are getting better, but they just aren't great. Can anyone tell...
  8. Embroidery
    Hey there! I've been searching around the internet for a replacement download for software for my Brother BE-1204C machine. It was originally installed on a computer that came with the machine when I bought it, which unfortunately has just died. From reading older threads on here it seems like...
  9. Embroidery
    Hi there! I have a Tajima TFMX-C1501 single head machine (2006 vintage) and I'm getting a Flash Design Read Error when I boot the machine up. Everything seems fine right up to the point where it would display the last design used on the display, I assume this design has gone corrupt and is...
  10. TF Classifieds
    After 17 years of a great experience we are looking to sell our shop and retire. There is so much to list that I am sure I will forget a lot of things but here we go. Antec Legend Manual Press - 6 color 6 station. We have a ton platters to go with this. They are all rubber top aluminum...
  11. Member Introductions
    Embroidery Digitizing Expert Here! Hi I am Javed Zahid having more then 5 years experience in Logo Designing as well Digitizing into DST. I Love to do embroidery digitizing . I can provide you unique Ideas for your business logo and in Embroidery Digitizing DST PES. I will guarantee 100% you...
  12. Member Introductions
    Heya! My name is Nicole and I found y’all initially by looking for a place to list commercial grade embroidery equipment. I have found some pretty great sites and have since listed my Toyota machine for sale 👍 (still available) Thank you all so much for the help!
  13. Embroidery Pricing
    Hello, I have a job for embroidered baseball caps to quote and I'd like some input on what you would charge. I am struggling to put together a pricing cheat sheet as a guideline, but then I get some of these projects that have so many stitches the price seems out of whack. I know it will...
  14. Graphics and Design Help
    Hi All - What material is best used to embroider on for name plates.....looking to make "name plates" for football jerseys and have the parents sew them on. Have tried a couple different materials and getting fustrated. Is there a specific type of material used to not buckle under the heavy...
  15. Wholesale T-Shirts & Other Imprintable Products
    Hello Everyone, I own a small design studio and I'm currently looking for a reliable Trade Only Embroider. I'm located in Toronto and ideally, I would like to work with someone within the GTA area. My previous supplier has messed up my last two orders and I'm desperately looking for a...
  16. Embroidery
    I'm trying to embroider a square patches onto standard baseball caps, but the stitching never turns out completely square with the patch. It's just a simple bean stitch that runs all the way around to tack the patch to the cap. My assumptions are that it's not straight because of the curve...
  17. Embroidery
    I have 3 toyota esp 9000's, about 3 weeks ago my building had a power surge while my store was closed and machines were off. I came in that Monday all machines turn on and 2 work fine but my 3rd will not receive designs. I use DataStitch Stitch pro. I have uninstalled the driver, switched...
  18. Embroidery
    i just bought my swf/b-t1501 single head 15 needle full embroidery machine and i haven't been able to get it going yet, it still runs on floppy and I bought a floppy reader to load designs to the floppy but now I get a memory file not found error and a network system not found error any advice...
1-20 of 30 Results